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No Deposit Bonuses | Free Online Casino Money | Casinoble 2022 ✅|No Deposit Bonuses Casinoble Picks The Best No Deposit Bonuses For You

No Deposit Bonuses | Free Online Casino Money | Casinoble 2022 ✅|No Deposit Bonuses Casinoble picks the best No Deposit Bonuses for you

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1. Sol Casino

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2. Fresh Casino

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3. Jet Casino

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No Deposit Bonuses Casinoble picks the best No Deposit Bonuses for you!

We are constantly evaluating no deposit bonuses that we list here at Casinoble.

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No Deposit Bonuses in South Africa

Want to win free money at online casinos with an exclusive casino promotions in South Africa?

If so, then you just have to find out on this page what no deposit bonuses mean and how to get them this year.

We will reveal the hidden tricks of the no deposit bonuses along with our favorite sites so you won’t waste your time.

Top No Deposit Bonuses Right Now!

Casino Selections Best Rated Casinos

Last Checked: Dec 08, 2022

welcome bonus

50% up to R9980 + 111 Free Spins

x50 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

100% up to R1000 + 10% CashBack

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

Always 10% Cashback

0 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

100% up to R15000

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

100% up to R999 + 99 Free Spins

x30 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

100% Up to R3,333 + 100 Free Spins on Joker Pro or Starburst

x30 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

R15,000 Welcome Package!

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods welcome bonus

x40 Wagering | 18 + | New customers only. | T&C apply X

min deposit payment methods

Table of Contents

In 2022, a no deposit bonus has been one of the available bonuses for casino game players.

In essence, this particular bonus is becoming the most sought-after bonus at online casinos because of the many advantages it offers.

These are what we are going to discuss in this guide.

Going by its name, no deposit bonuses are bonuses you get without giving to the betting site.

The only thing required of you is to satisfy the terms and conditions that come with the bonus.

However, you’ll have to sign up with the online casino offering the bonus to enjoy the bonus, and then you can place a few bets using this free money.

We will discuss how you can enjoy a “no deposit bonus” at any online mobile casino in this guide.

We will also discuss all the necessary information about the bonus, including the terms and the conditions attached, the various types available, how to use the bonuses at live casinos and slots, the bonus codes, and how to convert them to real money.

Find all of this information at Casinoble.

Which are The Best No Deposit Bonuses in South Africa?

“No Deposit Bonus” has now become so popular and you will find many offerings in 2022, and that has made it so hard to find the ones with the best terms and conditions.

However, we at Casinoble have made it easy by exploring the available online bitcoin casino that offers a “no deposit bonus” in South Africa.

We then carefully test and verify them to know the ones that offer the best bonuses.

We then present to you on our website the best online casinos that offer the best no deposit bonus in South Africa.

If you love to visit these online casinos, you can check our list of recommended casinos that offer the best “no deposit bonus” in 2022 below;

  1. Lucky Days
  2. Leo Vegas
  3. Dunder
  4. Royal Vegas
  5. Casumo
  6. 888
  7. Casino Days
  8. 777
  9. 1xSlots
  10. Jackpot City

About No Deposit Bonuses

Before you can start exploring online casinos for no deposit bonus”, you need to fully know about it.

Of course, it’s a casino bonus that you get without paying anything in return.

Still, there are more details you need to also know about the “no deposit bonus.”

It also entails some other factors like the requirements, its terms and conditions and lots more.

However, a “no deposit bonus” usually has strict terms and conditions attached to it, just as the saying goes that free money is not usually free.

Even though you aren’t paying money for it, some wagering requirements are always attached to it, which you must fulfill before enjoying the “no deposit bonus.”

We will discuss the basics of these conditions because it is always good to know these requirements and terms and conditions before venturing into them.

Terms & Conditions

After finding an online casino that offers the “no deposit bonus,” the next thing is to accept its terms and conditions.

This is different from the terms and conditions you might have accepted before; you have to accept the terms and conditions associated with the free virtual money separately.

If you don’t accept these terms and conditions, you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus as real money later on.

Among these terms and conditions, the first thing that will catch your attention is the maximum and minimum bets.

After this, you should now check for the type of markets you can bet on with the bonus.

We will talk more about the most popular wagering requirements in this post.

After these conditions, you can now check for the maximum winnings you can win with the free money.

You have to check for the amount you can withdraw from the money you win with that bonus.

The truth is that an online casino may offer you a ZAR10 no deposit bonus, but only a few of them will probably allow you to withdraw the entire amount.

This is because the bonus is only meant for you to explore the markets on the site and not take-home money.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the greatest concern of a bett0r and online casino players, and you wouldn’t know what to do if you don’t understand them.

So, we want to tell you a little more about the bonus wagering requirements.

The wagering requirement of an online casino determines how many times you have to use a bonus.

For instance, if you are offered ZAR10 and its wagering requirement is 30x, you must win up to ZAR300 with the bonus before withdrawing the ZAR10 bonus as real money.

That is how it usually is – unlike other bonuses, the wagering requirement of “no deposit bonus” is usually not favorable.

Come to think of it, rather than depositing an amount to get this bonus; you only have to put in your effort.

There are even some online casinos that offer a “no deposit bonus” with a wagering requirement of about 50x or more, and some won’t allow you to withdraw the bonus.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Nowadays, new casino players tend to seek a “no deposit bonus” at an online casino.

This was not so in previous, but it is now being sought after in 2022.

However, there are lots of ways to get a “no deposit bonus.”

It is usually offered to online casino platform users to explore new games and new markets from the casino.

It is also used to lure online casino users and those in casino forums.

This bonus comes in the form of codes and can be seen in forums through existing customers and also in emails through the newsletters sent by the online casino itself.

Once you get the “no deposit bonus” code, then you only need to input this code on the online casino platform, and that’s all.

One of our favorite playlive casino no deposit bonus – we encourage you to check this out.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Slot Bonus

The “no deposit bonus” is also available in slot games, and it’s made available for you because the casino wants you to explore new games.

The online casino thinks that as an existing customer, you may not want to use your money to play a game that just arrived because you know nothing about it yet.

After all, players who are yet to play the new games will be compelled by other players’ reviews and opinions.

This is why we have more and more “no deposit bonuses” in slot games in 2022.

With this bonus, you’re afforded the chance to be among the first set of people to test-run new online slots.

It may also be that the online casino wants you to play its most sought slot games with the bonus as a reward for you.

However, you must not also forget that this bonus usually always comes with its terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions will also tell you the slot games that you can access with that bonus.

No Deposit Live Casino Bonus

This type of no deposit live bonus is even more preferred to that of slot games as it is made for live dealer games.

The no deposit live casino bonus is preferred to the no deposit slot bonus because these bonuses are more flexible.

The no deposit live casino bonus offers more variety of games than the no deposit slot bonus.

What’s more, these games offered by the live dealer games are the standard table games.

No Deposit Betting Bonus

You now have a little more knowledge about no deposit bonuses; however, you also need to know which is perfect for you.

You don’t just accept every “no deposit bonus” that comes your way; you must know where you can use it and decide how you want to use it.

However, we will discuss the various types of no deposit bonuses and some other specialized things with you.

These things include knowing how you can convert the bonus into real money and how you can calculate the wagering requirements of a “no deposit bonus.”

This information is very important for you on your next gambling adventure.

So, watch out for the best bonuses and apply this information, and it will take your gaming to the next level.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

In 2022, we now have various types of “no deposit bonuses” at online casinos.

That’s good news, but you also need to know which of them suits you best.

That’s why we want to tell you in detail about the different types of no deposit bonuses available so that you can decide for yourself which is best.

You’ll probably discover new bonuses that you haven’t tried before, in addition to the ones you’re familiar with already.

We advise that you get your writing materials so you can write out the difference between these different types of “no deposit bonuses.”

You can then mark out the ones that will suit your playing style and get to win like a pro.

Furthermore, we will also tell you how you can use these bonuses, how you can calculate the wagering requirements for all these bonuses, and also how you can convert them to real money. Read on!

This is the first type of “no deposit bonus” that we will be discussing here.

This seems very good for the majority because it’s just an amount given to us as a warm reception by the sports betting site or online casino.

The only thing you need to do to enjoy this bonus is just to create an account with the online casino or sports betting site.

The goal of every bettor is to win. After registering with the betting site, you’ll be given this welcome bonus for free, and you can use it immediately to place your bets on that betting website.

If you are lucky enough to win your bets with the bonus and you’re still active on the betting site, you can then withdraw your winnings as real money at some point.

This is another type of no deposit bonus that you also get as soon as you sign up on a new online betting site.

There is a slight difference between this type of bonus and the free welcome bonus, which we discussed above.

The free sign-up bonus offers some extra features like signing up for a promotion or an event coming up on the betting website.

It may be a competition like a poker tournament or a challenge done every month.

Then the free sign-up bonus is perfect for luring bettors to partake in them without them having to use their money.

For slot games, free spins are a form of no deposit bonuses.

Free spins no deposits are no deposit bonuses that are meant for slots.

Whenever you come across free spins, then you should know that they are meant for slots, and in slots, you’ll always see free spins with no deposit, which is a good thing if you want to win real money.

This type of bonus allows you to play the available slots at the online casino for free – all thanks to free spins.

You can then use these free spins no deposit to explore different slot games on the website and also discover the most suitable and profitable one for you.

So, if you like playing slot games and you come across the free spins no deposit bonus, then you should grab it at once.

In slots, we have the free spins no deposits, but for its counterpart live dealer games, it is free casino chips.

Chips are used to play live dealer games like Blackjack or Roulette.

We at Casinoble love free casino chips bonuses, and we prefer it to other bonuses for live casinos because the experience is quite better using free casino chips.

Also, any other person that loves to play table games will enjoy using the free casino chips.

If you already have a favorite table, then the free casino chips will give you a shot at either playing those games in mobile casinos or trying out new versions of the game.

Then if you like the games, you can then decide to play with your money.

This is another type of no deposit bonus.

When you hear free casino money, what should come to your mind is free money from an online casino.

Free casino money is offered to be used on online casinos without having to deposit, and it has no limit on the games to play on – whether slots or table games.

Simply put, the casino wishes to give you free money to use anyhow you want it on their website.

However, this type of bonus also comes with its terms and conditions, but you can choose between the casino games to play.

This means that you have various games available at the casino to use for free casino money.

This is the last type of online casino bonus we will be discussing, and it is free casino credit.

Generally, only existing customers enjoy this type of no deposit bonus, and these bonuses are offered to customers through notifications and updates.

It generates an extra credit that can be used later in your online casino account.

Free casino credit is just a means devised by online casinos to motivate their customers and also to engage them in playing games more.

That aside, we users also love it when the casino gives us free money; it gives us a sense of being valued.

Therefore whenever you’re offered the free casino credit, just jump at it.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirement?

This seems to be the scariest part of it all when we talk about the terms and conditions associated with a bonus. However, we want to put your mind at rest as we will define each term involved and make everything known to you. We believe that you won’t be scared of accepting these bonuses and converting them to real money once you know what each term stands for. Below are the key terms you need to know about everything associated with bonuses;

Terms & Conditions

always ensure to have gone through the terms and conditions associated with a bonus at least two times before going through the wagering requirements.


you also need to know how many times you need to multiply your bonus. For instance, 25x (on the low), 50x (on the high), or even more than that.


what is the value of the bonus, and how much can you win with it?


assuming you are given a ZAR5 bonus, and you have accepted it with a multiplier of 30x (quite fair). Now your calculation will be ZAR5 x 30, which will give you ZAR150.


now that you now know that the wagering requirement for that bonus is ZAR150, then all you have to do is make sure to make ZAR150 from the ZAR5 bonus. Once you’ve achieved this, you’re eligible to withdraw ZAR5 as real money.

Turn Bonus Money into Real Money

Truth be told, we all want real money – that’s all bettors’ aim. Whether we bet with our money or we bet with a bonus, we just want real money. It is easier to win real money if we bet with our money, but winning real money with a bonus is the problem. Because of the conditions attached, winning real money with bonuses is quite difficult. However, we will give you the top six tips to help you cope with these pesky conditions, thus helping you convert the bonus into real money as fast as possible.


once you have known the wagering requirements, you should do your possible best to achieve them.

Terms & Conditions

after this, you need to go through the terms and conditions attached to the bonus so that you will know the markets to bet on to achieve the amount.

The Game Features

you also have to know the game features you will like to play before you start. The slot has its features, so do the blackjack table and every other casino game available. For instance, a slot with low volatility allows you to play for long, making it easier to reach the amount needed.

Return to Player

you also need to pay attention to the return to player (RTP) feature of a game. It will be easier to achieve the amount needed if the RTP is high.

Best Slot Machines

in our opinion, we advise that you try Bonanza slots, Gemix Beautiful Bones, or Steam Tower.


we can’t underestimate the power of luck when it comes to winning at online casinos. However, there are other ways you can convert the bonus into real money as fast as possible. Just play your part and let luck shine on you!

Pros & Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

As good as a “no deposit bonus” may seem, it also has its disadvantages. However, before you can become the master of the game, you must know both the bonus’s pros and cons. Below, we will list some of the pros and cons of the no deposit bonus.


  1. You don’t have to deposit your money.
  2. It’s a means of discovering new games and exploring the website
  3. You will receive free money from the website
  4. You will be able to use the bonuses on varieties of game
  5. The trend for no deposit bonus keeps increasing day by day


  1. The amount offered isn’t that high, unlike other bonuses
  2. Some bonus terms and conditions aren’t just favorable (they aren’t included in our recommended list at Casinoble)

Responsible Betting

We are aware of the abuse of online casinos, and we know that this can lead to addiction.

Therefore, we at Casinoble always inform our readers of responsible gaming.

It is our top priority, and we have article guides and recommendations which encourage betting responsibly on our website.

We want our readers to emulate the habit of having their gaming under control so that you don’t cause inconveniences for yourself and those around you.


1. How do I find a no deposit bonus?

This bonus is easy to get. In 2022, we now have them on the increase; however, here on Casinoble, you can check our recommended list of no deposit bonuses in South Africa.

2. What do I need to do to get a no deposit bonus?

Generally, you are required to register with a betting site and create an account. However, existing customers are also offered the no deposit bonus code.

3. When can the no deposit bonus be redeemed?

This depends on the type of bonus. Always go through the terms and conditions attached to the bonus so you can know how you can use the bonus.

4. Why is the no deposit bonus famous in 2022?

This bonus is popular because you can discover new games and explore online casinos without having to deposit your money.

5. When should a no deposit bonus be used?

No deposit bonus can be used to explore a new casino and try out new games for free.

6. What are the best online casinos that offer the no deposit bonus in South Africa?

We have quite a lot of casinos that offer no deposit bonus in South Africa. You can check through our compiled list of casinos that offer the no deposit bonus on Casinoble.

7. Where can a no deposit bonus be used in an online casino?

This bonus can be used on all types of games, including table games and slots. However, we advise that you go through the terms and conditions of the bonus to know where yours is applicable.

8. What is the ideal amount for no deposit bonus?

Quite a lot of casinos offer no deposit bonus with a good amount. However, if you are lucky to find a bonus with 50 spins or 100 spins, then the casino should be considered one of the best.

9. Do sports betting websites offer no deposit bonuses too?

Yes. Sports betting sites also offer no deposit bonuses too. Just browse through our list of sports betting sites that offer the no deposit bonus.

10. Can I get real money from a bonus without using it?

That’s impossible. You can withdraw real money without using a no deposit bonus. You must satisfy all terms and conditions attached to the bonus before you can withdraw as real money.


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Lukas is one of the leading authors at Casinoble. He entered the casino world through his passion for online poker. Lukas is also a dedicated sports betting fan. At Casinoble, Lukas usually writes about Live Dealer Games, Sportsbetting and Betting Strategies.

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