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Online Lottery Games For Real Money: Top Online Lotto Casinos|Online Lottery Games For Real Money

Online Lottery Games For Real Money: Top Online Lotto Casinos|Online Lottery Games For Real Money

Ratings and Reviews of Online Casinos


1. Sol Casino

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First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €/$ 200 ( Registration Link )





2. Fresh Casino

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3. Jet Casino

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Online Lottery Games For Real Money

Online lottery games make it easy for you to win real money playing your favorite casino games, such as bingo, keno, and scratch cards.

The most appealing part about online lottery-style games is there’s no standing in line at the gas station or the local lottery vendor.

You can create an exciting and memorable experience with a winning scratch-off card or bingo card at the best online casinos.

In this guide, we’re including everything you need to know to play lottery games online. How to win real money, tips and tricks on how to play, the best casino sites where you can scratch and win online, and more.

Online Lotto Games

  • What Are Online Lottery Games?
  • Popular Lottery Games
  • Best Online Casinos To Play Lottery Games
  • Top 3 Online Lotto Casino Reviews
  • Best Bonus to Play Online Lotteries
  • Why Play Real Money Lottery Games
  • Secrets To Win Online Lottery Games
  • How To Play Online Lottery In The USA
  • Free Vs. Real Money Games
  • Lottery Apps That Pay Real Money
  • Brief History Of Lottery Games
  • Lottery Games FAQ

Best Real Money Casinos To Play Lottery Games

Online Casino Payment Grade Please wait . 100% Up To $5,000 280% Up To $14,000 250% Up To $6,000 150% Up To $3,000 100% Up To $3,000 Bet €10 To Get €30 100% Up To £30

What Are Online Lottery Games?

Online lottery-style games, such as online bingo and online keno, are games where you try to match balls or numbers on your card with those that come up in the game.

They are just like the games that you play at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online lotto games also include the online version of the scratch-offs that you might find through the local lottery vendor at your gas station or restaurant.

These fun games are available at the top-ranked online casinos and you can conveniently play them on your mobile device for real money whenever and wherever you want.

Popular lottery games to play and win real money


Bingo is a favorite pastime game like Slingo where you play an online raffle that’s set up lottery style. Win different prize amounts when you line up winning patterns based on the ball that’s drawn during the game. If you find that you have the number on the ball drawn highlighted and as numbers keep coming up, you might win real money cash prizes. Playing bingo online is fun and simple.

More About Bingo


Keno is based on a popular Chinese lottery game that uses 80 different balls. You’ll pick the numbers you want and then the drawing will begin. While this game is commonly found in Las Vegas casinos or near the cash register at your local bar, the online lottery game means you can watch your numbers match up right from the comfort of home (even if you don’t have on matching pajamas!).

More About Keno

Scratch Cards

Do you love playing gas station lottery scratch-off cards? They’re so much fun and you can win all kinds of money prizes. The online version is a similar concept as these scratchers let you win different prize amounts. The best part is you don’t need to manually scratch off tickets, and you win instantly without going to your local convenience store (unless you’ve run out of snacks!).

More About Scratch Cards

Best Online Casinos to Play Lottery Games for Real Money

One of the trickiest parts when gambling online is finding a safe secure casino that offers real money lottery games like scratch-offs and keno.

All casinos we recommend were reviewed by our experts and any of them would be a great choice to start playing lottery games.

They’re also among the most reputable casinos that are fully licensed, trustworthy, and played by millions of users. That way you can safely gamble when you want. They also process payouts quickly and securely.

Here are some of the best casinos to play online lottery games.

Rank Online Casino Deposit Bonus Get Started
1 Wild Casino Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $5,000 Bet Now
2 Las Atlantis Deposit Bonus 280% Up To $14,000 Bet Now
3 Super Slots Deposit Bonus 250% Up To $6,000 Bet Now

Top 3 Online Lotto Casino Reviews

What’s so special about these casinos that makes them favorites among online users?

Let’s explore what each online casino has to offer, the experience, site features, welcome bonuses, and games.


BetUS is one of the best online casinos based on user reviews. Reputable and highly-ranked, it’s been in business for more than a decade.

It includes all kinds of online lottery games like scratch-offs, keno, and bingo.

You can play for real money and you’ll find that the site has a wide selection of casino slot games, blackjack, poker, and sports betting.

Aside from having an impressive array of online games, there’s a huge 125% Up To $3,125 welcome bonus.

BetUS is available for Android and Apple devices and you can use credit cards to load your account and make casino deposits and withdrawals.

Play Now

Las Atlantis

Ready for an undersea online adventure? Let Las Atlantis take you into their exciting treasure trove of fun online games.

With a huge library of slot games and online lottery games, it’s the perfect place to stop for your daily scratch-off cards and big money wins.

When you sign up with Las Atlantis, you will receive a 280% up to $14,000 welcome bonus when you make your first deposit.

You can also load your account with money and add to that the welcome bonus and any special offers the casino might have.

Explore their other popular games like real money blackjack, table games, and penny slots.

Play Now

Wild casino

Wild Casino is an exceptional online gaming platform for US players.

With a 100% up to $5,000 sign-up bonus, they offer lucrative promotions like up to $1 million in monthly prizes.

Select from titles like keno and bingo and refer a friend for up to $200.

Use the Join Now tab to get started and check out cool casino games like Stacked and Take the Bank (big bills only, please!).

New players can create their new user account by selecting the Sign-up tab.

Once you load your account and receive your welcome bonus, choose from the various lottery games or try your hand at lady luck in the online casino or with table games.

With live dealers available, that means hours of entertaining fun ahead (so charge your mobile device).

Play Now

How We Review Our Recommended Lotto Casinos

When we select a casino, we want to ensure it’s reliable and safe. It’s also important that they receive excellent reviews, have a stellar reputation, and offer fast payouts.

Other factors that we use to help rank online casino games include customer service and how long it’s been in business.

Attractive welcome bonuses and interactive features are other incentives. Here are additional components that go into our review process.

Safety & Reputation

With safety and reputation, we look to see if the casino has had a consistent reputation among users.

The casino should have a legitimate gaming license and a secure platform. Casino promotions and bonuses are other areas that are crucial for success.


Trustworthy casinos will welcome players with the most attractive sign-up offers and deposit bonuses.

Special promotions and cash bonus codes ensure existing members enjoy their gameplay and rewards.

Fast Payouts

Additionally, we’ll look at when the casino lets users collect their winnings. Most might offer fast payouts that are processed in about 24-hours.

The most reputable casinos ensure they offer a straightforward payout with no delays. If there are any technical glitches, they will have reliable customer service that’s ready to assist.

That way players can have a pleasant experience and receive their winnings with minimal delay.

Best Bonus to Play Online Lottery Games: BetUS

Online casinos like BetUS offer better advantages than if you were to gamble in person.

Online casinos have a higher return to players (HRP) that ranges from 95-98%.

At your local lottery vendor, for example, you don’t have these advantages with a scratch-off card.

Let’s say that you select one of their video slot casino games online. At 5 reels and with 30 pay lines you might find that your max win is 243xbet and the RTP is 96.13%.

That’s pretty impressive for an online casino game with real money. Hence, your odds are greater and you have several ways to win.

Claim Your Bonus At BetUS

Why You Should Play Real Money Lottery Games

Playing online lottery games and casino slots is a great way to make extra cash. It’s also an entertaining way to pass the time.

Here are reasons why players love real money lottery games:

There’s No Offseason

Online lottery games are always available. Meaning, there’s never an offseason because you can play 24/7/365.

With scratch-offs, you can instantly find yourself a winner of a cash prize. Because you don’t have to wait in long lottery lines, you have fast access to your favorite games.

Simply log in, find the bingo or keno game you want, and hit the right combinations for that potential big win.

There Are Lots Of Different Games To Choose From

With interactive games and several themes, there are all kinds of lottery games to choose from.

Lottery games are usually under the section “Specialty Games” at online casino sites.

Just pick your favorite one, start playing and you might hit that big money prize that you’ve been dreaming about. Oh, luck be a lady tonight!

Lottery Games Are Easy To Play

Another great reason to try online lottery games is you can win more than you would randomly playing the lottery at a bar or restaurant.

You also don’t have to worry about strategies at brick-and-mortar casinos. Some gamblers randomly spin on each machine or every other machine.

With online lottery games, you can have hours of enjoyable fun and you don’t need a lucky rabbit’s foot!

Secrets to Win Online Lottery Games

If you’re ready to play online lottery games, a few tips and strategies might help you win that online scratch-off card or that next big B-I-N-G-O game.

  • Look for the online pull tabs or what’s called zip tabs. These are your instant win lottery games where you get 5 chances to win with each game, for example. To win a prize, have 3 matching symbols on your ticket. Cha-ching!
  • When you explore a new online casino, look for the “Play for fun” option of a game. Freeplay is a fun way to explore the games, practice and decide if you want to play for real money.
  • Consider a low-limit game to increase your odds. Low limit games might have a deposit of $20, however, if you have 2,000 shots at a lottery game, that’s only 1-cent per wager. For 2,000 chances at Mega Millions or Powerball, if a ticket costs $1 each, that’s $20 versus $2,000. Hence, you’re saving $1,800. We like those odds!

How To Play Online Lottery For Money in the USA

Below is a step-by-step outline that can help you play your online lottery games.

Even if you’re a beginner it’s easy to sign up, make your deposit, select the lottery games you want and play for real money.

Sign Up To An Online Casino

Make A Deposit

Claim Your Bonus

When selecting a bonus, read the wagering requirements (terms and conditions) to see if you have to spin for a certain number of spins before collecting your bonus.

Pick A Game

Play Lottery & Win Real Money

Free Lottery Games Vs. Real Money Games

At most online casinos, demo-play is available so you can practice lottery games for free.

You can also find no-deposit deals as a way to test-drive a casino. But are they worth it?

Most online casinos offer a lucrative sign-up bonus that’s higher than what you’d get in-person at the promotions desk.

Taking advantage of those welcome promos to start playing for real money can be a lucrative deal.

Compare the benefits of playing lottery games for free or for real money:

Real Money Lottery Games

  • You get to keep all prizes and jackpots.
  • You can access all the games available in the casino sitewide.
  • You have access to welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.
  • You get better wagering requirements.
  • You have access to low-limit games.
  • If you gamble all your winnings you have to add more cash to your account to keep playing.

Lottery Games For Free

  • Free gameplay is an ideal way to test out the casino before gambling with real money.
  • You can play practice games for hours at no cost.
  • There’s usually no registration or setup required.
  • You are limited to a smaller number of practice or free games.
  • No-deposit deals have strict terms and high rollover requirements.
  • It can be a letdown to hit a massive jackpot you can’t keep.

What Lottery Apps Pay Real Money?

It’s easier than ever to select a reputable online casino and play on your smartphone. Pick out one of the casinos above to play online lottery games for real money.

You won’t find these in the iTunes Store or Google Play because they don’t offer real money gambling.

You also don’t need to add any special software to play the games.

Online casinos like the ones featured above have mobile-friendly sites that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you can play directly on the site without having to download anything on your phone.

You don’t really need an app.

All of the casino options recommended on this page are a good choice to play on your phone because they’re easy to set up for beginners.

They’re also used by millions of other players all over the world and the games are from the most reputable casinos.

Brief History of Lottery Games

Although your local lottery vendor may have only had lottery games for a few years, they actually date back centuries.

Some of the most primitive games, like keno, started with the Han Dynasty in China.

The popular game which uses 80 balls is based on the 80 characters in the thousand-character version and Chinese immigrants who worked on the railroads brought the game to the west in the 19th century.

Scratch card games are also quite popular at gas stations and casinos. And yet, they didn’t take off online for years.

Maybe that’s because people enjoyed having the physical scratch-off ticket they could hold or gift to others around the holidays.

However, given that most people now have smartphones and other mobile devices, online lottery games are increasing in popularity.

When you explore your online casino, check out all the games across their site. You may find that there are all kinds of animated and themed games that you might like to play.

Remember, these are real casinos with live dealers and you can play 24/7/365 so there’s always a chance to win (and gamble responsibly).

Play Lottery Games Online And Win Real Money!

Ready to scratch-off and win? Have your lucky numbers ready? If you’re anxious to shout “Bingo!” get ready to play bingo, scratch-off games, keno, and other fan favorites.

There are lots of great games to play and you can win real money. And getting started is so easy.

Simply sign up by creating a log-in and then receive your welcome bonus when you load your account.

Then look for the specialty section where you will find the latest lottery games. Try them out!

You can also check out other fun casino games like real money slots, blackjack, and video poker.

If you’re a new player, see the FAQ section below if you have any questions.

Real Money Lottery Games FAQ

How do I play lotto online?

If you want to play lotto online, simply select one of the top-rated casinos above. Then select their specialty tab after setting up your account. You can then view all their online lottery games and win real money.

Where can I play lotto online?

To play an online lottery game like scratch-off tickets, pick out one of the safe casinos we are recommending on this page and create an account. You can then access lottery games online and even play bingo and keno for real money.

Can I win real money playing online lottery games?

Yes, not only do people win real money with these lottery games but they can access welcome bonuses and promotion offers just like if they went to the casino in person. Play your favorite scratch-offs, keno, and bingo games right from home.

Is it safe to play lottery online?

Yes, casinos like BetUS are reputable and top-rated. They also offer reliable and consistent payouts in about 24 hours and they use the safest encryption and latest software. Hence, whether you add or withdraw money from your credit or debit card, your money is always safe.

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